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Cooking Wine

Wines can be used in cooking to enhance or balance both the aroma and the natural flavors occurring in food. They can also be added as a means to tenderize meat, to add moisture to the foods being prepared and to deglaze cooking pans, such as sauté pans where the wine becomes a base for a sauce or stock within the pan, or as a finishing ingredient to provide a subtle sweetness to the food. Cooking wines can be any of a variety of different types of wine that are used to enhance the flavor of food dishes, such as meat, poultry, seafood, stew, vegetables, and sauces, while they are being cooked.

Commerially processed cooking wines are available in food stores as red, white or golden wines and are sold specifically for use in cooking. This type of cooking wine provides a good shelf stable option that can be kept in a pantry for approximately one year after it has been opened, due to salt being added when the wine is processed.

We offer high quality Cooking Wine in bottles, drums, totes and tankers. Please contact us to discuss about your specific requirements.

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